Presenting: A Murder Mittens Appreciation Post


Whether you call them Murder Mittens, Mean Beans, or WMDs (Weapons of Mouse Destruction), you've got to have a healthy respect for your cat's claws. Sure, we know that a cat's claws are used to kill their prey and to defend themselves - but did you know they also use scratching as a way to communicate and mark their territory? Cats are amazing, from the top of their cute li'l ears to the tips of their toe beans. So we've collected a few of our favorite photos of our favorite felines (big and small) showing off their Murder Mittens! 


1. This adorably tiny, simultaneously terrifying li'l warrior:


2. This teeny, tiny kitty who will kill you with cuteness.


3. When Murder Mittens just aren't enough ... 


4. Murder mittens? Meet MURDERWEBS.


5. When you accidentally activate the Murder button. 


6. Triple the cuteness, triple the CLAWS! 


7. "You press on the Beans, you get the Means."


8. "You thought the blanket would protect you! You absolute fool!"


9. Look at her. Doing her best impersonation of a black jaguar!


10. Launch sequence initiated. Deploying in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...


11. "Human! It's not safe to go alone!"


12. "I must be with you at all times."



  • Linda Rea

    This is the cutest ever I wish I could copy it. Lol I love it. I’d love to forward to some people Kat people obviously.

  • carson

    OMG! Can’t handle the cuteness!

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