These Wedding Photos Featuring Cats Are Everything


Weddings are all about family; and what pet owner doesn't want to include their four-legged family members in on the memories? While dogs tend to be the more popular choice for the wedding party, whether starring as ring barker or flower pup, cats tend to be left out of the spotlight - and the photos.

But Italian photographer Marianna Zampieri is changing that with her post-nuptial portraits of newlyweds with their cats, providing the happy couple with fond memories of their wedding day, cat included. 


There's a reason cats aren't regularly part of the wedding party, much to the regret of cat lovers everywhere. Cats are creatures of habit and routine, and they don't generally handle crowds. As Zampieri explains, there is “too much emotion, too much confusion, and too many people present for animals so habitual.” 


But Zampieri was inspired to create her post-wedding feline photoshoot when she herself got married. They organized a small, intimate ceremony with only their parents and witnesses - there wasn't even a photographer. So she and her partner arranged a shoot later with a series of self-portraits to capture the memories of their union. But a certain special someone, of the fluffy variety, simply had to be included in their special moment. 

"I would not have endured the idea that in the pictures of the most important day of my life, there was not Arthur, my beloved cat," says Zampieri. "So I took a series of photos with him to capture that moment."



It wasn't long before Zampieri's fellow feline fanatics got wind of her special post-wedding photoshoot. Her friends "wanted so much for their beloved three cats to take part in that great event. They knew, however, that it would be very difficult to be able to make beautiful photographs the day of the wedding: too much emotion, too much confusion, and too many people present for cats."

A week after their wedding, Zampieri's friends got all gussied up in their wedding attire and had the photoshoot of every cat lover's dream. 

"With cats, you can never know who will want to be photographed!" noted Zampieri.  "Luckily, on this occasion, all three cats participated with pleasure, as if they had sensed that the occasion was important, each in its own way, with its character."

In particular, Perla, a beautiful white cat, spent most of the shoot lying on the gown's long tulle train: the purrfect camouflage. 





If you’re interested in booking Zampieri’s services for a fancy feline photoshoot of your happy day, you can visit her website. You can see more of her feline photography on the Facebook page Cats in Venice.  




[h/t Bored Panda]


  • Sandy Pister

    Wonderful, creative and loving pictures. It’s great to see her future husband loving with the cats as well.

  • Susan Bortolussi

    Your wedding photos are beautiful with your precious kitties.

  • Tisa

    Beautiful pictures. Yes, kitties are an important part of our lives.

  • Rita Jeanette Huff

    What a brilliant & beautiful idea. These pictures are incredible and I appreciate that “cats,” are front & center at such a special time in a couple’s life. Perhaps, she would be willing to do the same for a couple planning a special anniversary marker. Thank you Marianna and God Bless you!

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