Pet Owners Reveal How Their Pets Have "Accidentally" Conditioned Them


It's completely normal for us humans to train and condition our cats and dogs. But did you know it works both ways? Whether you realize it or not, our pets may be conditioning us with their normal, everyday behaviors and actions. Pet owners on Reddit are realizing this after someone asked the question, "What has your pet accidentally conditioned you to do?" Here are some of the best answers.










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Have your cats "accidentally' conditioned you to do anything? Let us know in the comments!  


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  • Julie Sloan

    Mine have taught me that laundry goes in the hamper and the bath mat does not lie on the floor when not in use.

    I also have one who can say “cat food!” which is the phrase my husband taught them to come to. It means “the sun has set and it is time to open cans.”

  • Victoria

    I used to be afraid taking showers alone after watching a scary movie. I’d grab one of my cats and bring to the bathroom with me. He hated it at first but after realizing I’d pet him for a good 10 minutes before hopping in the shower, he started running to the bathroom every time I would grab my towel.

  • Ann Egerton

    I think Mr. Bartlett the Siamese mix may have conditioned me to be an early riser. He would nearly always come to my bedroom window and stand on the ledge and yowl until I got up and let him in. I then had to go downstairs and feed him. I believe I was one of the few teenagers who did not sleep in on weekends.

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