People On Twitter Shared How Their Pet’s Names Evolved And It’s Pretty Great



Ever wonder how people get the nicknames they do? How on earth did we get the name Dick from Richard? Or Bob from Robert? Or Ned from Edward? Recently on Twitter, people gave an insight into how these nicknames may have evolved. After one Twitter user shared how their dog's nickname evolved, folks around the Twitterverse began sharing their own pet name evolutions. And the results are pretty amazing! 



The purrfect pun. 



 Behold, the Fluffiest of the Elder Gods. 


Not short enough, if you ask me.



You have to Keith 'em guessing!


The simpler, the better.




From Hero to Zero


It really does make purrfect sense.




He might not have been the sharpest crayon in the box, but he sure had the best nickname. 


All I can say is ... Poor Rupert. 



The wonderful thing about Tigger, is Tigger is a very polite cat. 


Now that's one Cool Cat. 



Call me Bon. James Bon. 



Autocats, loaf out! 




How did your cat's nickname evolve? Share with us in the comments! 



My first ever cat, Smokette, lived to be 20 years old. She passed a few years ago. In her 20 years, she was rarely ever called by her full name. She went from Smokette to Smo, then on to "Schmo", Smoke-a-Woke-a to S'Mowgli. As she aged, her meow eventually turned into a raspy sort of bleat, so we took to calling her the Old Goat. But mostly, she was Smo. Rest in peace, Smo! 




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  • Pixie

    Tahrn became Tarnicular then Tarhny
    Chi became Chi Chi then Monchichi
    Tilly became Tillberry

    And Archie…Arch, fluff fluff, fluffy, fluffy butt, arsehole, Arch-cheeese…

  • Karen

    My oldest cat is named Dot, but we mostly call her Fluffy, Fluff, thunder-fluff, disco-fluff, flufferella, princess fluffy bottom, or my husbands favorite – stinky

  • s

    Darby was named by my brother, he was kind of a punk and wanted to name him after Darby Crash. Family wasn’t having it, so he immediately became Darby O’Gill, and almost as immediately, Darby O’Gill and The Little Kitties, Then Darby Doo then Darb, The Darb, D, Doo, and Doo Doo. And eventually Cuddle Boy, Furball and a Half, HR Fluff and Stuff, Fur Bearing Kittyreature, Fur, but always, always Darby.

  • Esther

    I have a black cat (1 of 6 kitties total, yes I am that crazy cat lady in training!) named Timotheo (Spanish version of Timothy). His nicknames in no particular order: Timo, Kitty Timo, Tiki-Wikis, Wikipedia, Tiki-Licky-Mickey-Wicky, Wick-Wicks, Monster.

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