People Are Sharing Pics Of Their Cats Acting Weird And The Results Are Amazing

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From making biscuits on their favorite blanket to jumping 10 feet in the air because of a seemingly innocent cucumber, cats do some pretty strange things. At least, they do things that are strange to us creatures of the "human" persuasion. As strange as our feline counterparts may seem - or perhaps because of it - they still manage to capture our hearts. Which is probably why people love to share photos of their cats doing the strange things they do so well. Here are some of our favorites!

1. He eats. He sleeps. And most importantly, he holds his feet(s). 

2. Idle paws make the kitty's work!  

3. Some cats never truly grow up. 

4. "You is kind. You is smart. You is important." 

5. "Food just tastes better this way!"

Photo: TheCatNamedVader


6. "Just, uh, checking for dust bunnies. Also that meatball you dropped last night." 

7. "Sit down, Jessica. We need to talk." 

8. "What? This is how all the cats are sitting these days!"

9. "It's a new yoga position." 

10. That can't be comfortable.  



11. We can't all be prime hunters. 

12. "The floor is lava, hooman!"

13. "You rang?"

14. This is Dave. Dave's got legs for days. 

15. Went to reach for the bath towel and ...

16. "Oh, hello. You're finally awake." 

17. Cat? Or Pancake? You decide! 

18. "I must go. My people need me." 

19. "Reach for the sky, punk!"

20. Someone call the Exorcist. 

Does your cat ever do weird things you just can’t explain?

The Meowingtons Podcast is here to answer your kitty questions! So if you have any questions about your cat’s strange behaviors or just a story to share, we want to hear it. Leave a comment below and we may address it live! 



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  • Linda J Collard

    Thank you for posting these, I literally laughed out loud, too funny!!!

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