Loving Cat Owners Leave Hilariously Detailed Dossiers For Their Pet Sitters

All pet owners have been here before. It’s a difficult thing to leave your beloved four-legged family member at home when you go on vacation. Will they be sad? Will they be lonely? We don’t want them to think we’re abandoning them! Ultimately, we just want to make sure that our animals are cared for just as well as we care for and love them on a daily basis.

After all, when you live with an animal day in and day out, you get to learn their habits and quirks – how can a pet sitter possibly learn all this in a few days?

These cat owners have it covered; they left their pet sitters not only the usual instructions for feeding schedules, etc, but also included extremely detailed (and often hilarious) descriptions of their cats’ personalities. 

The results are, as one would expect, equal parts hilarious and relatable to pet owners everywhere.

Here Gail Burgess documents the likes, dislikes, and relationships of her four cats, including photos to keep the pet-sitter from getting the cats confused. 



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"Beware the drips!"


"Like I told you yesterday ... She's a puker!"


Here are even more examples of feline dossiers! 


And one example of cat moms clearly playing favorites. "Kiss Tootles most!"

Would you leave a pet dossier for your pet sitter? What would yours say? Let us know in the comments! 

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    Leaving your furry family member at home while on vacation can be tough. Will they be sad or lonely? We want them cared for as well as we do. These cat owners took it to the next level by providing not only feeding schedules but also hilariously detailed dossiers about their cats’ personalities. The results are both hilarious and relatable, ensuring pet sitters are well-prepared to handle every quirky behavior.

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