Stray Kittens Get Their Own Newborn Baby Photo Shoots May 03 2017, 31 Comments

Kittens vs Babies: the ultimate (and most adorable) battle of all time. Who's cuter? Who's cuddlier? Who brings out our cute aggression and makes our human brains scream "MUST HUG"? Kittens, of course!

All right. So Meowingtons might be a tad bit biased. But in our defense, we're a company run by cats. Can you blame us?

We've found some photos that might just tip the balance of ultimate cuteness into the favor of the young fluffs: newborn kitten photo shoots featuring stray kittens who've found new homes!


Like this sweet baby angel, Luna. 


newborn photo shoot Source: Kitty Lee Photography


kitten photo shoots black kittenSource: Kitty Lee Photography


purritos Source: Kitty Lee Photography

  sleepy kittenSource: Kitty Lee Photography


And this precious li'l moment.


cat paws kitten pawsSource: Kimberly Burleson



toe beans kitty peets Source: Kimberly Burleson



tuxedo kitten kitten costumeSource: Kimberly Burleson


purrito swaddled kitten
Source: Kimberly Burleson


Say hello to this sleepy fella, Tuco.

kitten teddy bearSource: Jennifer Shaver


tabby kitten stray kitten

Source: Jennifer Shaver


How about these delicate blossoms dressed in their Sunday best?


cat bee costume Source: Artistry Unleashed



cat lion mane lion costumeSource: Artistry Unleashed


costume for cat cat outfitsSource: Artistry Unleashed


Or this purr-ecious princess, Elsa.


purritos kitten blanketSource: Storybook Moments


cat photoshootsSource: Storybook Moments


So ... Who do you think the winner is? Kittens? Or babies?