Never Drink Alone Again, Now We Have Wine for Cats. September 28 2016, 2 Comments

Who’s feline like a drink?

Yup, that's right. 

wine for cats meowingtons

Sit down, relax, have a drink with

Now this product sure does LOOK a lot like wine but it shares nothing similar in terms of ingredients. Alcohol for cats is not what we are talking about here people -- it's alcohol-free & grape-free. It is a Catnip & beet based cat wine created by Apollo Peak so that your kitty can safely enjoy a glass of 'wine'. 

wine for cats

Now rather than hyping your cat up, drinking or eating catnip has a different effect than smelling it. When eaten, catnip actually has the opposite effect, your cat mellows out. Rather than the typical rolling, flipping, and rubbing all over the catnip and eventually doing something to make you laugh.  This wine will help them unwind with you, so you can relax together! Since you both had such hard days at work! 


Wine for cats


wine for cats

Cat for cats cat wine meowingtons