Happy 4th Meowiversary, Meowingtons!

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On April 1st, 2018, Meowingtons is officially turning four years old! That's right, the big Numero Four!


In honor of this auspicious occasion, we're having a huge sale to celebrate with our customers. And don't worry - it's not an April Fool's Joke! 


meowingtons anniversary sale

We also wanted to take a look back at everything that Meowingtons has accomplished since its founding in 2014.

When Meowingtons first began, we knew we wanted to cater to all the cat lovers of the world. Inspired by one woman's love for cats, Meowingtons was made to be the one-stop shop for all things cat. But beyond that, we knew we wanted to help cats in need.

Curating a Cat Lover's Collection

Since our founding in 2014, the Meowingtons team has worked hard to continually expand our collection, from apparel to decor, always searching for the next innovative cat product or hilarious shirt design. Our team hand-selects our products not only to serve cat lovers but also their cats. 

Beyond bringing our customers their feline fix, we're continually amazed by the community that has formed around Meowingtons and the amazing cats that inspire us.  

A Cat Community

From sharing rescue stories to providing resources to help educate cat lovers on the mysteries of their four-legged companions, Meowingtons has transformed from an ordinary shop to a community for cat lovers.

Part of what makes the cat community at large so amazing is cat conventions, like CatCon! These conventions provide our team with opportunities to meet our customers face to face, which is an amazing experience being an online retailer!

Getting to meet our customers in person is a rewarding experience not only because we get to know our customers individually, but we can come together and support the wonderful efforts of these cat conventions fund, like cat adoption. 

Our team is looking forward to the conventions we'll be attending in 2018, including Catsbury Park in New Jersey this week


Giving Back 

Here at Meowingtons, we believe every cat deserves a forever home. We want to do everything we could as a company to help cats in need. We work closely with our local shelters to give back to the animals that inspire so much love!  

To promote cat adoption, we teamed up with the Humane Society of Broward County and featured adoptable cats in our apparel collection, modeled by local cat ladies in our community! After our campaign, all the kitties featured in our apparel collection found their forever homes.

For World Spay Day 2018, we donated a portion of our sales that day to a Trap and Neuter organization that works toward spaying, neutering and vaccinating stray and feral cats in the community, which helps ease the burden of homeless cats in shelters.

Fostering a Love For Foster Cats

Meowingtons also fosters cats directly in our office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We welcome these cats into our office to provide them with a comfortable place to await their forever homes so that potential adopters can get to know the cats in a relaxed, stress-free environment. 

We recently welcomed our newest foster cat into our office, Jessa, a sweet Siamese kitty that was surrendered to the shelter when her previous owner developed allergies. If you'd like to meet Jessa or learn more about her, you can see our Fosters page!  


Thank You 

To wrap up our Meowiversary celebration, we wanted to thank you, our customers, for helping make Meowingtons, well, Meowingtons!  


meowingtons anniversary sale

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  • Jill A Coolik

    Thank you for everything you have accomplished for all our Feline Friends in the past 4 years!!! 😺 MEOW 😺

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