UK Couple Mourning Their Cat Find Touching Note from a Stranger


A UK couple grieving the sudden loss of their cat, Bear, discovered that he had been leading a double life when they received a heartwarming note from a complete stranger.

This is Bear.

bear cat cat love note attached to cat collar

TravUK of Reddit shared Bear’s bittersweet story: “One of our cats passed away two weeks ago. Today we found this note on his brother’s collar.”

note from strangers cat collar note


"Dear Owner; I'm your neighbour, living in 4. I'm also your cats' close friends as they (2 cats) are used to coming to my room everyday. But one of them, a bigger one has disappeared for two weeks. Is he ok? I'm so worried about him. He is so lovely cat and always touched my heart. Wish he is fine. - Y.T. 2/March/2017."

secret life of cats

Teddy (left) and Bear (right)

Bear’s owner dropped a letter through the neighbor’s letterbox, wanting to tell them as soon as possible that Bear had passed. He also included his e-mail address so they could communicate without using Teddy as the messenger.

He woke the next morning to a lengthy e-mail from the neighbor detailing how they loved every moment they spent with the two cat brothers, especially Bear. She even attached a few pictures of the duo being “naughty” at her house.

cat brothers

Bear’s admirer is a Taiwanese exchange student studying at a nearby university.

“He was just like an angel for me,” she wrote, saying that Bear would come to her house every afternoon and keep her company. Sometimes he would come over just to sleep on her sofa, and his snoring helped keep her awake and focused on her work.

mourning reddit

She shared how Bear would sit on her bed and listen as she practiced her presentations for university. “He was a good listener when I needed a "person” to help me [practice],” she wrote. “He entirely touched my heart. I miss him so much.”

TravUK said the neighbor visited Bear’s grave in their garden and laid flowers in his memory. 

"It was so painful. But hearing how much joy he has given to a neighbour as well as to us is really heartwarming,” TravUK wrote, sharing that they have a wonderful way to remember their beloved four-legged family member. “Makes you proud that he could brighten up more than just my household’s lives.” 


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  • Kay

    Sweet story, brought tears to my eyes as we can relate to the passing of our beloved pets and the joy it can bring to others who shares the same bond. The student I can tell has a kind heart, based on what she wrote, andgoing out of her way to attach a note to a stranger, and I can tell she’s a person who loves cats, and treats them kindly and well. People could ignore these cats, shoo them, or mistreat them. I acknwedge the kind heart and spirit of the foreign exchange student who loved Bear too.

  • Addison

    This is the most wonderful story, some how my last post got incorrect punctuation. I love ❤️ this story ????!!!! These are the most precious kitties!!

  • Addison

    This is the most wonderful story!!!! ??????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Cassie Schilliger

    Oh man, I have something watering my face right now and I think it’s coming from my eyes! Send help!
    This especially got to me, we lost one of our best (and oldest!) kitties last month. He was about 16 and we had him since he was a kitten, everyone who met him, including people who strongly disliked cats, loved him! Everyone’s favorite cat.
    His friends here miss him, his fuzzy family. We do too of course but yeah, it’s sad. We made Tobey a very nice garden area outside with plants that butterflies and birds are supposed to love. Our orange tabby circus bear cat <3

    I hope Teddy isn’t too distraught without his brother, it’s a hard thing for pets too. extends loads of love for Teddy and his family

  • Robin Webb

    I read this beautiful story. I feel the loss of Bear. I love cats and have 4. Two are brothers. I rescued the brothers from a life on the street. My cats are indoor cats only. This week I thought one of the brothers had accidentally got outside. We had a man over to clean our furnace. Horatio (the cat in question) gets really scared when a stranger comes I into the house. After the man left Horatio was no where to be found. I searched called and called for him so that is when I got concerned he had gotten out. I spent 24 hours calling him and searching my neighborhood. I was devastated. After 24 hours he appeared at the top of my basement stairs. He was still scared. He has taken another 24 hours for him to get back to his normal self. I know how your neighbor feels on when did not see Bear. It was so good that your neighbor was still seeing Teddy and could reach out through him to be able to find out about Bear. It gave the neighbor closure just knowing what happened to Bear. My thoughts are with your family and your neighbor. Hugs.

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