20 Melodramatic Cats That Deserve An Oscar May 06 2021, 2 Comments


1. When this cat found out she was going to be a mother:



2. This poor widow:





3. This Shakespearean feline:

"Alas, poor Yorick!"



4. That time Mittens committed insurance fraud. 


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5. This Marlon Brando impurrsonator:

"You come to me on this the day of my daughter's wedding ..."


6. This unhappy new sibling:

"Your firstborn was promised to me, mortal!"



7. And this bath negotiator:

"I like the fleas, I tell ya! We're pals! I don't need no bath, Ma!"

cat bath




8. The grumpy one on the road trip:



9. This Lion King fan:



10. This cat, who wants to know what you did with the tuna:




11. This guy, who really knows how to milk a death scene:




12. This kitten, who demands to be let out RIGHT! MEOW! THIS! INSTANT!




13. This cat, who REALLY needs to stop doing this in the hallways at night:



14. "Your invisible forcefield displeases me. As does your interior decorating."



15. This cat, who always looks like he's on the verge of a anxious breakdown:

Via Reddit



16. And this guy, who has an idea where the vet can stick that thermometer:

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17. This JAWS re-enactor:

Or should we say PAWS?


18. This guy, who could audition for a role in Mortal Kombat:

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19. Or this cat, straight out of an Alfred Hitchcock film:

20. And this kitty who's a little unsure about being a teaching moment:

"Trying to teach my daughter to hold the cat properly and captured this gem."

Via Reddit


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