Meet the Cutest (and Cuddliest) Police Officer in New Zealand

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What has four legs, a fluffy tail, and works for police? Meet Tia, the crime-fighting feline who's won the hearts - and respect - of New Zealand's police force.


Officer Tia looks every part of her law-enforcing position as she stalks around the Wellington District Police station sporting a high-visibility vest and harness. 

She was brought in to help out on a case by Porirua's Senior Constable Kerry Morrell, and she's ready to sniff out some clues for her fellow officers - and some mice.

Tia may look like the long paw of the law, but this cute 'n cuddly crimefighter leaves busting the perps to the big dogs. Tia only works for about 30 minutes at a time, spending the majority of her shift sleeping in a sunbeam or grooming herself. But according to a spokesperson for the Wellington District Police, feline officer Tia also has a paw in the behind-the-scenes work that keeps the offices running: "She's also pretty good at admin, paperwork, and the odd bit of light typing. But her favourite thing is nap time."   



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