Meet Potato, The Stumpy Cat No One Wanted - Until Now


Meet Potato.

She weighs only 3 pounds and is roughly the size of a Guinea pig. 


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Potato is only 3 years old and she's already had a lifetime of struggles. But she doesn't let anything get her down.  



A year ago, struggling with birth defects, Potato was left at a shelter when her breeder found her too much to handle, medically. Potato is a Munchkin cat, a breed of cat bred for a genetic mutation that results in short, stubby legs. Munchkins are often born with birth defects, mainly bone deformities, as is the case with many cats born from selective breeding.

When Potato was dropped off at the MSPCA Animal Care and Adoption Center, she was in bad shape. "She was covered in urine and feces. She was so matted. And she's blind," Alyssa Krieger of the MSPCA, and Potato's foster mom, told The Dodo. "When she came to us, I was like, 'I don't know if we can help this cat.'"



But they could, and they did! With lots of help, medical care, love, and understanding, Potato was doing much better. But she still needed a forever home. Alyssa, the stumpy kitty's foster mom, started her an Instagram page and the response was overwhelming. They were soon inundated with messages - over 3,000 - of folks interested in taking Potato home. 

That's when Holly, Potato's new mom, found her, and knew instantly that Potato was meant to be her kitty. Holly had taken care of special needs cats before and knew she could help this special kitty. 

Because she is blind, transitions and changes can be difficult for Potato. But with lots of understanding and love, it wasn't long before Potato made herself right at home. Even with all her struggles, this tiny stumpy cat doesn't let anything get her down! 



A year later, Potato and Holly are happier than ever. While Potato's disabilities make it uncomfortable for her to be picked up, she loves being brushed with her tiny comb and is a big fan of belly rubs. It took her new mom a while to get Potato comfortable enough to snuggle. But now she loves them.

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"The thing I love about cats and rescue cats, in particular, is you have to earn their trust and love," Writes Holly on Instagram. "It [is] so rewarding when you can take an animal into your home that is scared and has no idea what’s happening in its life, show it love, understanding and patience and that’s it’s ok to trust and love again...Those snuggles are the best snuggles!" 

With three kitty siblings, Potato doesn't seem to notice she's any different than her bigger family members. 

Chasing her brother, Jack, is one of her favorite past-times. She might be blind, but her big brother has a hard time sneaking past this feisty little potato! 


Follow Potato on her adventures in her forever home on her Instagram.  


  • Jimmy

    You’ve done a terrific job with her. Your both so lucky to have one another!😻

  • emmalee

    sooooooo cute… kinda wants potato for myself…..can meh have potato…..ill pay for potato….$150….pls….

  • Tom Silvino


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