Meet Pawfficer Donut, the Troy Police Department’s Adorable Cat


Paws up, criminals! There’s a new kitty in town. Meet Pawfficer Donut, the newest officer in the ranks of the Troy Police Department.

The tiny tabby was sworn in during an official press conference in May. Pawfficer Donut was chosen as Troy PD’s newest recruit after the police department promised they’d get a police cat – but only if they reached 10,000 followers on Twitter. And when there are kittens involved, you know the people of the Internet will show up!

Needless to say it wasn’t long before the officers of the Troy Police Department were at the local humane society to select their new feline law enforcement officer.



Pawfficer Donut was not the department’s first pick. They had initially planned to adopt another cat they’d dubbed Pawfficer Badges. Unfortunately, Badges was diagnosed with feline leukemia, an illness that can be transmitted to other cats. According to US Today, the police department employee who committed to caring for the police cat on nights and weekends has other cats in the home, so they couldn't risk Pawfficer Badges infecting other cats.

FeLV is a viral disease that causes leukemia in cats and can be associated with cancer, anemia, eye disorders, blood disorders, and a weakened immune system. There is no cure, but with a loving home, some cats can still enjoy a long lifespan. But they should not be allowed around non-infected cats, since it’s highly contagious to other cats.

While the Humane Society finds another home for Pawfficer Badges, Troy Police began recruitment for her replacement. 

Enter Donut, who after a rigorous vetting process beat out the other feline competition to take her place as Troy’s newest – and cutest – feline officer.

This fluffy rookie has been training hard with her human officers, getting ready to hit the streets for pawtrol, attending Troy’s special “Police Acatemy”. “day and night, Pawfficer Donut has been training to patrol the streets of Troy,” one video teases. “Aspiring police cats everywhere are counting on Pawfficer Donut to succeed.”



The paw enforcement official’s only job is to bring joy to police officers and civilians alike. The Troy Police Department is also using interest in Pawfficer Donut to raise money for their unit and the Michigan Humane Society. By selling “purrtect and serve” feline unit shirts, the organizations hope to support “animal ambassadors to connect law enforcement with the community.”


  • Lynne Tedder-Ward

    I have just viewed donut on YouTube and she’s so beautiful and cute how is she doing growing and enjoying all the fuss I’ve told all my friends here in London England about her that even people who are not cat lovers are crazy about her. You are very lucky she’s a Great asset now we all know about troy police

  • JD

    I want a Pawficcer Donut Shirt too! We need a support animal at our PD :D

  • Sue Hollar

    When can we see updated photos of Pawfficer Donut? Nothing’s been posted since 2018.

  • Christine W.

    I love the idea of a “pawficer!” What an adorable little cat. I would also like to buy a shirt if they go on sale again.

  • Julianne

    For those asking about shirts, it was a limited-run fundraiser for the Michigan Humane Society – they may run it again, but at the moment it’s shut down. Reach out to the Troy PD via Twitter to see if they plan to do another run.

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