Man Turns His House Into an Indoor Cat Playland for His 15 Rescue Cats



A Southern California man transformed his 1988 home into a one-of-a-kind paradise for his rescue cats  – all 15 of them.


cat playground cat house cat tent


On the outside, Peter Cohen's house seems rather unassuming, beautiful but somewhat tucked away in the midst of tropical trees.



But inside is a different story. Almost every inch of the 4-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom California home is fitted with some cat-centric contraption: catwalks that form a cat superhighway of elaborate stairs, archways, tunnels, perches and platforms, a koi pond with an underwater camera, and even a spiral slide for the more adventurous cats. 


cat arch cat walk cat stairs


cat platform cat shelf cat playhouse


The house is artfully decorated and crafted with a keen architectural eye.  The catwalks are painted in enchanting colors and flow whimsically throughout the house, transforming the cat superhighways into utilitarian works of art.

cat playhouse cat stairs indoor cat walk


indoor cat tent cat playhouse


If you're worried about the odor that would come from 15 cats using a total of 22 litterboxes, the cats' bathrooms are essentially self-contained. The litterboxes are set up on tiered levels inside closets that constantly vent the malodorous air outside.


indoor cat playhouse DIY cat house


In an interview with Houzz, Cohen explains the inspiration for building this one-of-a-kind cat paradise. What do you think of Cohen's ultimate cat playground?



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And, hey, you don't have to build the ultimate indoor cat paradise to own a cat. As long as you're there to love 'em, they'll be happy as a cat can be. But you can treat them to some goodies from our For Cats section. 
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Photos: Houzz 


  • Kevin j Wilson

    It is 3 days until 2021. I have been sliding down towards depression more as this sad year comes to an end. But after seeing your cats beautiful home, I have acquired a Mission! Our four pussy gatos will soon be leaping through the air, hiding in dark caves, climbing up to new heights, and majestically surveying their domain as Sara and I keep their food bowls full and their litter boxes empty. May the Force be with you all. Kevin

  • Becky

    I love it!!! Such an inspiration!!!

  • Shamsi Pearson

    I love this – would love to do a similar thing for our 2 cats!

  • Tami Shea Gwathney Araiza

    Thank you for rescuing so many cats. You have made them a beautiful home. I agree they are calming. Take care. ❤ Tami

  • maria

    Wonderful architectural design specially designed for cats, there live very happy cats, Felicitos for so much love. ≧◔◡◔≦

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