Man Custom Builds Elevator So His 20-Year-Old Cat Can Get Up & Down the Stairs

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When YouTuber Liam Thompson noticed that his beloved 20-year-old cat, Frodo, was having trouble going up and down the stairs that led to his favorite sunbathing spot, Thompson decided to do something about it.  He custom built his cat an elevator! 

As you can see in the clip below, the elevator consists of a small box that slides up and down a rail, which is constructed from two sliding door rail! The cart is lowered and raised by an electric hoist that "electronically hoists things," according to Thompson.

 The entire process of constructing the custom-built elevator on Thompson's YouTube channel. It's an entertaining and entirely wholesome watch. Thompson's joy at watching his beloved Frodo casually ride his new elevator to his favorite sun spot is palpable. 

This isn't the first time that Thompson has created a device to help his beloved feline, Frodo. The devoted cat dad has also crafted a Roomba Chariot and even public transport system for Frodo - aka a cat train

Thompson's videos are a wonderful reminder the lengths cat parents will go to ensure their beloved kitties have happy, healthy lives. It's the very least they deserve for all the joy they bring us as cat parents!  

Check out the full video below!


h/t Laughing Squid

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