Literally Just 20 of The Fluffiest Cats You've Ever Seen



These are 20 of the fluffiest felines we could find! From tiny balls of fluff to cats that look like straight up clouds, these giant fluffs will make any day seem just a bit brighter. Just imagine running your fingers through the soft fluff ... and try not to imagine all the cat hair you'll get on your clothes. And don't think about the hairballs, either. 


1. Like this kitty, who wants to know, "Whatcha gonna do with all that fluff?"



2. Or this cloud, who also asks, "All that fluff up in your stuff?"

3. Or this tiny round cotton ball, who makes the purrfect circle. 


4. Or this cat, who DARES you to put your hand in the fluff forest. G'head.

5. Or this warrior, who can withstand the coldest winters. 

6. Or his arch-nemesis, another very fluffy, very round boy. 

7. And this literal cloud. 

8. Or this other literal cloud (of smoke). 

Dan Burn-Forti

9. And this chonky fluff, who's letting you know that yes, it's pretty humid out. 

10. And this very Long Fluff who wants you to reach for the stars.


11. Or this majestic mini lion. 



12. And this li'l sheep, who's lookin' for Bo Peep. 



13. And this CHONK who demands to be set down this INSTANT, Susan.

14. And this grumpy cloud, who will rain on your parade unless he gets his tuna. 


15. And this bounty of fluff who thinks maybe you're smart enough to avoid the tummy trap, but maybe not. 

16. Or this cat, who might also be a bear. 

17. And this cat, who is a literal puddle.

18. And this kitty, who stopped the world to melt with you.


19. And this guy, who has become one with the couch. 

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20. And one very, very, VERY fluffy bunny.


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  • Mary Acevedo

    I love these cat pictures..I love cats deep with my soul ❤ I have 6 cats and each one has a different personality than the other ones..I love them so deeply they bring tears to my eyes 👀..they are all special to me in so many ways..couldn’t imagine life without them biggest dream is to have my own warehouse made into a kingdom full of fake trees with little hammocks tied in between and scratching posted in each corner with soft carpet bedding going from floor to ceiling with little latter’s to climb to a bed higher then the other and walls outlined with colorful tunnels for cats of all sizes to run through and explore with surprise toys of balls filled with catnip or bells..big glass bay windows to see and watch the outside world as they are inside safe from harm…besides the huge play room is also a bedtime room full of oversized cages with each cats personal cushioned bed with water and food bowls as they are kept safe resting for the night..this is were abandoned,,abused,,neglected and homeless cats shall stay until they are found a family home..😇😹

  • Carolyn Harris

    They are truly beautiful, BUT I think I’ll stick with the short coat. Even that has to be brushed every night and fills a brush up with thick fur on a regular basis. :)

  • Jenny Ralene

    Did some of that fluff play tribble on “Star Trek”, or are some tribbles trying to pass of as cats? 😂 😂

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