Literally Just 15 Cat Sploots to Brighten Your Day January 09 2021, 4 Comments

Wondering what a "sploot" is? It's an Internet term that usually applies to corgis when they lay on their bellies with their back legs sticking out behind them (kind of like a frog). But corgis aren't the only cute, cuddly creatures that can, ahem, sploot. Cats do it, too! And trust us - it's equally as adorable.  If your cat is splootin' up a storm, splooting can be a sign that your cat feels extremely safe and relaxed in their environment since they can't quickly spring up from that position. 

1. Just look at this tuxedo sploot - so fancy!

Via u/Huldra90, Reddit

2. And this reverse sploot, also called the "dangler."

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Via sweetsara_suarez, Instagram 

3. And this window-gazing splooter: 

Via , Imgur

4. And this splendid sploot, that says, "Paint meow like one of your French girls."

Via u/givemeyourcatsplease, Reddit

5. And this looooooooong sploot.

Via u/tyindorset, Reddit

6. And this sleepy sploot. 

Via u/svrsek, Reddit


7. And this super sneaky splooty booty. 

Via lynnemeoww, Instagram


8. This isn't a sploot. This is ART.

Via u/tarikleottoman, Reddit


9. And these magnificently fluffy, tufty stretches:

Via u/ForeignNecessary Reddit


10. And these shyin', retirin' splootins:

Via Instagram


11. And this over-the-shoulder sploot:

Via Reddit


12. Don't furrget this front-end flop:

Via Reddit 


13. This tabby sprawl:

Via Reddit


14. And this marvelous marble meower:

Via Reddit 


15. And last but not least, this Superman Sploot!

Via Reddit.


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