Literally Just 14 Hilarious Photos of Cats Caught Mid-Sneeze

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It's pretty much-undisputed fact that cats are the true rulers of the Internet. There's nothing they can do that's not cute, hilarious, or somewhere in between.  Which is undoubtedly why the moment our cats start to do something remotely cute - you know, like, show us their little bean toes or just sit there with their paws folded underneath them - our cameras go off like we're the paparazzi ... The pawparazzi if you will.

With that much footage rolling at all times, there's bound to be some amazing captures, like these purrfectly timed photos of cats caught mid-sneeze. Yep. Cats. Sneezing. Possibly epitome of cute, adorable and hilarious in one? You decide. 


1. When your mom tells a bad joke but you pretend to laugh because she knows where the catnip is.


2. Is this a sneeze or a yawn? Either way, it's purrfect.


3. This is the same face I make when trying to solve a math problem. 

4. Need a tissue, bud?


5. This cat looks like that guy who's one party trick is his great pirate impression. 


6. When you're cooking and accidentally get a snootful of pepper.

7. "You know I have hayfever, Ma! This is why I hate the outdoors!"


8. The face you pull when someone calls you cute for the 100th time. "I AM DESCENDED FROM LIONS, TINA. LIONS."


9. "Ah, yes. 4 am. The purrfect time for a Cat Opurra." 


 10. On this episode of MythBusters: "Sneezing with your eyes open."


11. Aaa ... Aaaaaa ... Aaaaa ... Nope. Just a false alarm.


12. When someone says "Say Cheese" and you have to be the overacheeser of the photo.


13. This cat who looks like she's seen through time and space. 


14.  This spooky sneeze surprise. 


P.S. While these photos were taken at the perfect moment, if your cat is sneezing excessively, it may need to see a vet for underlying health concerns. 


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  • Katelyn Shields

    These cats are way too funny!!!

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