Literally Just 10 Festive Photos of Cats in Tiny Christmas Sweaters


It's (almost) the most magical time of the year! For some folks, the snow is coming down in buckets, and ol' Jack Frost is looking for some noses to nip. But these festive felines know how to stay warm and cozy - and how to celebrate the holidays in style. And if you're looking to stay warm in feline fashion this winter, check out our Christmas kitty sweaters!


I'm pretty sure this cat is just made of pure Christmas magic.  

Via Instagram


Look at this tiny sweet child in his tiny Christmas sweater.  LOOK AT HIM.



Or this tiny kitten. In a tiny parka. Just waiting for Santa Paws. 


Or this shabby chic tabby straight out of an LL ToeBean catalog.


Look at this happy little snowman!


Someone let the cat out of the bag - and it's pretty dang adorable.


This guy got all dressed up to meet Santa!


Via Twitter


"Oh, sure. Santa's Little Helper here got a gift for you. Check your shoes." 


I need this to be the cover of all my Christmas cards. 


I've got two words for you: Bah humbug. 


Just look at this Very Round Boy with his belly like a bowl full of jelly! 

Feline festive yet? No? Well, maybe a festive holiday sweater of your own would help! Click here to shop our selection of holiday cat sweaters! 


  • Janet Ginepro


  • Michele Van Tilborg

    This must be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Especially the parka. And who doesn’t love Loki!

  • Marilyn Groome

    All adorable! I want them ALL. I think my cats would say, “fat chance getting us to wear those” but I might have to try.

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