This Homeless Kitty Landed A Job at A Law Firm June 25 2020, 6 Comments

Meet Dr. Leon Advogato, Attorney At Law. 

This once-homeless, once-nameless cat landed himself a job, as a lawyer no less, at the Order of Attorneys of Brazil. 

It all started one rainy day in the federal district of Brazil. A stray kitten sought shelter in the Order of Attorneys of Brazil building. When he didn't get immediately kicked out, the kitten would return for shelter any time inclement weather hit, hiding out from the storms in the receptionist area instead of out on the streets.

Being that the Order of Attorneys of Brazil is essentially like the Bar Association is to America, a lot of people come through those doors.  And some people began filing official complaints about this stray kitten (who could complain about a visiting kitten!?). But the staff didn't want to see their fuzzy feline companion out on the streets again. So they found the purrfect solution: they hired him.

First, they had to give him a name: Dr. Leon Advogato. 

Leon's name is perhaps one of the best puns we've seen: Advogato. Advogado means lawyer in Portuguese and gato means cat. 

I mean, come on, can it get any better than that?! 

Yes. Yes it can. And it does get better. 

He even has his own special ID badge! 


He started out as a receptionist, but soon made his way up through the ranks and his official title is now 'lawyer'! It was clear he had to dress the part to fit his new station.


He's clearly made himself at home ...




And does his part to welcome visitors to the building! 



While giving this adorable kitten a safe place to call his own, the attorneys didn't stop there! According to, a representative for Leon (yes, this cat even has his own representative), an animal rights institute is in the works - inspired by Leon:

"We are finalizing the documents to launch an animal rights institute. It’s called Instituto Dr. Leon. Unfortunately, we cannot house all [the animals], so we will fund the NGOs in town. We will be an example for Brazil [to follow]."




Editor's Note: "Spanish" has been changed to reflect the proper language in Brazil, Portuguese. 

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