11 Products All Cat Lovers Can Relate To On a Spiritual Level

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Let's be honest, cats are amazing. They know all the ways to our hearts, whether that be through their gentle purrs or adorable toe beans. But they're also a wonderful source of entertainment and humor, and give us cat-loving humans something we all have in common. Cats inspire laughter and love in us humans, and they're the source of inspiration for our newest Limited Edition Collection. 

Available in a variety of colors and styles, Meowingtons is meow offering apparel like never before! You asked, we listened: our Limited Edition Collection apparel now features sizes up to 5XL, for cat lovers of all shapes and sizes. 


1. Friend to Street Cats Necklace

For the cat lover who just wants to pet all the cats in the world!


2. Hope You Like Cats Doormat 

Let 'em know what they're in for. 



3. World's Okayest Cat Mom Mug

Some days you're the world's BEST cat mom. And other days you step on your cat's paw and want to turn yourself into the police. 



4. World's Okayest Cat Dad Mug

Another mug to add to your dad's "Cool Dad" mug collection. 



5. Crowded Cats Martens Boots

With this clowder of kitties on your feet, you’ll be ready to hit the street and find your next adventure!


6. Cats and Coffee

For the person whose life runs on coffee - and cats! 



7. Caturdays

When you have a cat (or two or five), every day is Caturday! So why not celebrate with the purrfect tee?

Available in 4 colors!



8. Take Me To Your Litter Shirt

Do you believe? Show the world that the Truth is Meowt There, the ideal choice for any conspiracy theorist cat lover!

Available in 4 colors! 



9. Milton's Cat Butt Crewneck Sweatshirt

It's a cute cat butt on a comfy sweater. What more could you want? 

Available in 4 colors! 


10. Playful Cat Martens Boots

These boots were made for meowin', and that's just what they'll do! Okay, so they won't actually meow but they look great! 

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  • Jen W

    I love your enamel pins but there is actually a program called NASA Cats! https://cats.gsfc.nasa.gov

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