This Fantastical Cat Cafe Is Straight Out Of A Studio Ghibli Film

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Welcome to Temari no Ouchi, one of Japan's most fantastical cat cafes. 

As you step over the threshold into this forest of cats, you are aware that you are there because the cats allow you to be.

Inspired by the concept of "nekko no mori", literally meaning "cat forest", Temari no Ouchi gives cafe guests a sense that they are just visitors to this feline fantasy world.

Temari no Ouchi is home to a total of 24 cats, though they are all ruled by the queen behind the name of the cafe itself, Temari.

The cat cafe feels as if you've stepped into a Studio Ghibli film. 

The atmosphere and decor add a hint of wonder and magic. 

The cats have free roam of the cafe, happy to sit wherever they please. 

From treetops ...

To cozy paw-shaped cubbyholes ... 

... and of course, your laptop! 

Food and drinks are available, though you might have a nosy visitor. 

The cafe asks that you do not feed the felines, no matter how much they beg! They're kept on a special diet for their health. 

Of course, there are a few guidelines to follow when entering this magical cat forest:

1. Take your shoes off before entering. 

2. Wash your hands! 

3. Don’t pick up the cats or hug them too tightly (but do feel free to pet them, on the back rather than the head, especially if they approach you and sit on your lap).

4. Don’t bring in old cat toys (You may be allowed to bring in new toys, as long as you consult with the staff before entry).

5. Don’t use flash photography (but do feel free to use non-flash enabled smartphones, etc.).

6. Don’t feed the cats any human food. If you feel that a particular cat is bothering you while you eat, please tell a staff member right away.

"You may touch the toe beans, but that costs extra, human!" 

What do you think? Would you visit the Temari no Ouchi cat cafe? 

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  • Holly Moss

    Where did you buy your fantasy huts?

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