It Turns Out Tiny Cat "Teefies" Are Absolutely Adorable


Point of fact: Cats are adorable.

Also fact: Toe beans are SUPER adorable. 

New discovery: Teeny, tiny cat teeth are actually EXTREMELY adorable. 

At first blush, it doesn't sound like it'd be adorable. But trust us - these teeny, tiny corn kernels are strangely cute. Don't believe us? We've gathered photos for proof! 


1. Specifically, we're talking about those teeny, tiny teeth between the big canines.

Photo: Imgur

2. Just look at these little baby corns! 

Photo: Reddit


2. And these li'l tiny rice grains. 

Photo: Reddit 


3. It's rare to spot them, but when you pet them just right you can get a peek.

  Photo: Reddit


4. Look at these brand-new teefies! 

Photo: Reddit


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5. Most of the time, you have to zoom in really close to get a good gander and those tiny teefies. 


6. Check out this one angry toofie. 

Photo: Reddit


7. And these super relaxed chompers. 


8. And these ANGERY teefs.

Photo: Reddit

9. And these GOTCHA! teefies! 

Photo: Reddit


10. And these mid-yawn toofers. 


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  • Lori

    These are so cute.🙂

  • Janet Johnson

    Of course these teeth are adorable! Everything about cats is sweet. Their little feet are another part of their body which are so cute!

  • jmuhj

    They ARE beyond adorable. That’s all there is to it.


    My cat Bella(8), has recently lost one of her fangs. I thought I should worry but she is adapting, lol. Love all these widdle toofers❤

  • Janet Cooper

    That kitty with the big prong-toofie looks like one of Maleficent’s goons in the cartoon “Sleeping Beauty”…

    “Mess wif me and I’ll give ya a whole nudder ash-ho!!”

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