Internet Discovers The Perfect Trick to Mess With Your Cat


If there's one thing you can say about cat owners, it's that we love our cats. We will do anything for them! A vast majority of us also really, ahem, like to mess with them. 

All in good fun, of course, because we don't want to cause our beloved balls of fluff any undue stress. But this 'try this at home' tape trick is a great way to mess with your cat and have a little fun. It started off as one Twitter mom discovering the trick on Pinterest. And the rest, as we say, is viral history. 

All you need is some tape. Oh, and a cat! Simply put down some tape on the floor in the shape of a square, then step back and let your cat do the rest of the work. 


The Tweet that started it all: 


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The Tweet was quickly followed by curious cat owners that wanted to see if their cats would fall for the ol' tape trick.


cat square cat lovers


Some cats seemed naturally drawn to the mysterious box with invisible walls. 



cat square trick cat tape trick 

Of course, there were other cats that saw straight through the trickery and refused to comply. 


cat meme catsquare trick your cat


This cat responded as any good cat does: Destroy the thing that insulted your honor. 



But some cats completely fell for the long con.   



A few people got inventive with the shapes. Who doesn't love an octagon?



If you don't have a roll of tape, bananas will do in a pinch.


cat circle trap


It even works on dogs!  


my cat is a dog cats of twitter


Do you think your cat would fall for this?

If you've tried it already (or try it after reading this post) how'd it work out for you? Did your cat fall for the imaginary box trap? Let us know in the comments, or share with us on Facebook!


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  • carlisle

    well, this is just inspired! how adorable!!

  • sarah

    HAHAHA I am going to try this

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