How To Take a Selfie with Your Cat

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For some, mastering the art of taking the perfect selfie is a challenging task. We can't all be Khloe Kardashians, after all. You have to know your angles, find the right lighting, and after a million and one outtakes where you begin to question if you're actually descended from trolls, you have to find the best filter. There's so many filters to choose from! How are you supposed to decide whether you're an autumn or a winter? 

Well, taking selfies with cats, unsurprisingly, isn't much easier. But sometimes you can get pretty lucky and get the selfie of a lifetime. Here are a few fun "Do's and Don'ts" to help you capture that purrfect feline selfie. 



Do know your angles. 

Angles are everything! 

Don't try to force a photo.

You might end up with a grumpy photo that'll get a few likes, but what you won't enjoy is the inevitable quick right paw to the face. Plus, we want our favorite fluffy friends to enjoy the experience.


Do save the outtakes. 

Sometimes those make the best shots! 


Don't make The Duck Face.

It infuriates the cats. And the hipsters. 

cat selfie cat meme


Do give kisses.

They make for some great candid selfie shots. 


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Don't hog the spotlight.

Your cat wants to be Instafamous, too!


Do photobomb your cat when necessary. 

Sometimes it's the only way to get that purrfect photo! You do have to make sure your face is on point, though. 


Don't relinquish camera control to the cat.

Actually, judging from these great cat selfies, maybe they should be in charge!



 Do take what you can get. 

Even if your cat isn't making the "perfect" selfie expression, beggars can't exactly be choosers. Also, who is to say that the "I'm so done with you, Linda," face isn't the perfect expression?


Do take advantage of snuggles.

Fair warning, some cats aren't keen snugglers and the snuggle sesh might not last long enough to get a good photo! If you're like me who owns a cat that will cuddle with me a couple times a month if I'm lucky and Mercury isn't in retrograde, maybe just enjoy the cuddle time instead of trying to snap photographic evidence that your cat loves you. (I'm guilty as charged.) 


Do bribe them with treats. 

It's simple math, really: Cats + Treats = Selfie.

 Need a yummy treat to bribe your cat so you can get that purrfect selfie shot? Try our selection of cat treats in our For Cats collection!


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  • LeninVengai

    Cats are looking cute while taking selfie, check this video of cat selfie

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