Here's The Right Way to Pick Up A Cat, According to Vets


Picking up a cat seems pretty straightforward, right? Step 1: See Cat. Step 2: Pick up cat. And there you have it, done and dusted. But to anyone who's ever tried to pick up a cat and have them try and desperately scramble away (or retaliate with a claw or a bite), you know it's not as cut and dry as that. Cats are particular in the way they want to be held and pet and it all comes down to them feeling safe and supported.

According to the world's most helpful vet (or so his YouTube channel says), there are a few key techniques when it comes to picking up a cat. Dr. Uri Burstyn provides cat newbies and cat owners alike a demonstration on how to properly handle their fluffy friends. 

(Dr. Burstyn also tells us that cat names said in baby talk are the most effective at getting your cat's attention.)

The video has over 6 million views on YouTube (for obvious reasons) and has some purrfect tips ranging from "support the paws" to "squish that cat." 

"All you have to know about cat restraint is to squish that cat,” Dr. Burstyn explains in the video. “They feel really safe that way.”

Watch the video below for more! 

 It's important to remember that when it comes to cats, or any animal, that as their owner and friend you are sensitive to their comfort levels. 

“Be sensitive to your cat’s tolerance levels and always have a purpose for picking her up,” writes animal behaviorist Pam Johnson-Bennett writes on Cat Behavior Associates. “If your cat loves being held, then enjoy that closeness, but if she doesn’t, be respectful of the fact that lifting her up changes her level of security.”



  • Joe Johnson

    I had no idea how to pick up my cat! Thank you so much.

  • Jacob

    That cat was so calm in the video 😂 my cats would not be having it if I was constantly touching them and trying to pick them up

  • Nicole

    I love this. I have a shoulder cat. Ever since he was a kitten, he’s always loved to hang out our shoulders. He feels safe there. I’ve had a lot of different cats, my newest kitty is very sassy. She’s my baby though, and she loves to be picked up and held close to my chest. She will start purring immediately.

  • Coreen

    So all this time I’ve been picking up my poor old, old 19 year old Lucy the wrong way. Thanks for the tips.
    Take care Coreen

  • Teresa

    Thanks for the info! I am in love with both of these chill cats!

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