15 Cats Who Are Nailing This "Work From Home" Thing


As the Covid19 pandemic sweeps across the world, many people are working from home or self-quarantining when they are able. And that means our pets are seeing a LOT more of us than normal. For some cats this is AMAZING news - snacks and snuggles, 24/7? Sign me up! Other felines are taking extremely well to their new roles as coworkers and "catployees", happy to try out all these shiny new nap spots (keyboards, notebooks, your lap).  Without further ado, here's how folks' felines are adapting to their humans working from home! 


1. This very purrfessional young lad.



2. These cats, who are practicing their social distancing. 


3. And this taskmeowster, who won't let you get distracted:

4. This cat, who's got some notes on your blueprints: 


5. This cat, who's letting you know who the REAL boss is:



 6.  This thirsty coworker:



 7. This responsible kitty who's reminding her coworker to wash his hands:



8. These introverted kitties who are ahead of the curve on flattening the curve:

9.  This cat, who is trying to explain that a cat butt to the face is the same as a handshake. 


10. This musical moggy:


11. This concerned citizen:



12. These two quarantined kitties on a conference call:

13. These feisty felines who are taking advantage of the lack of an HR department:



14. This kitty, who's dressed to impress:



15. And last but not least, this attention seeker:



  • Eric

    I want a cat after the pandemic

  • Eric

    I want a cat after the pandemic

  • June
    Loved all of them.

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