People Get Surprised With Kittens for Christmas December 26 2017, 1 Comment

While some folks dream of a white Christmas, these folks dream of a cute Christmas; and their wishes have been fulfilled! What could be better than waking up on Christmas morning to a tiny kitten in a stocking? And what's more - the thought that these fluffy felines are helping bring holiday joy to their new families is almost too much to bear. And it's clear to see from this compilation that these furry felines couldn't have found better homes for the holidays! 

Please Note: Cats and kittens make great gifts ONLY when the recipient already wants a cat or kitten and is financially and emotionally prepared to take on the responsibility of a pet. Adopting a cat means a 15-to-20-year commitment, which on top of a wonderful friendship includes paying vet bills, scooping litter boxes and cleaning up hairballs. Never give an animal to someone who is not prepared to care for them.

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  Video thanks to Pet Collective