Gorgeous Men and Their Cat Lookalikes


Okay, ladies (and gents), you and your feline friend are in for a real TREAT! Here are some of the most gorgeous men on the planet, paired with equally gorgeous cat lookalikes.


Oh HELLO, I didn't see you there...



A little taste of HEAVEN.



Hey Beautiful, would you like to come and SNUGGLE with me?



I think these two are asking for a KISS!



Don't worry My Love, I'll PROTECT you.






DATE Night?





Well now, I think that is about us much as we can handle here at Meowingtons. Comment, and let us know if you'd like to see more!



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  • Misty Winter


  • Nell

    I’m thinking a calendar for charity??? I’d buy copies :)

  • Jes

    How about some different variety of men? Like nationalities and body types?

  • Marsha K

    MEN and KITTIES…….. They all are PURRR-FECT !!!!!

  • sandra mason

    where are the pictures of the men?

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