14 Cat Glamour Shots that Are Just Too Galmorous to Pass Up


There’s nothing quite so beautiful and heartwarming as family portraits, especially when they include pets. I can't think of a better way to capture the love and affection between cat and owner than a photo of the two of you floating together amidst a backdrop of space and time. Also, your cat’s disembodied head is ghosted into the stars behind you, wide, vacuous eyes staring into the middle distance.



To be fair, it could be said that the bond between a cat and its owner is one that burns with a white-hot intensity stronger than a thousand suns. These space scenes straight out of the '90s are close enough, I guess.


pet family portrait ideas glamor shots family portrait meme


Welcome to the V O I D. We've got matching sweaters!


ugly christmas sweater valentines day cat gifts


Poor Mr. Mittens: all he wants to do is catch the tail of that rat hiding in his owner's hair.


david glamour shot awkward


Getting a clowder of cats to sit still enough for a glamor shot is harder than, well, herding cats.  


sphynx cats hairless cats lady gifts

The only thing harder than trying to herd cats is trying to herd cats while simultaneously balancing a rabbit on your shoulder (and attempting to successfully pull off a mullet). 

pet family photos pet portraits


cat earrings cat diamond cat suit cat sunglasses cat eye glasses


"Are you sure this is the picture you want to use for the Christmas card?" "I don't know. Let me mullet over."


meowingtons grumpy cat memes


If this isn't Photoshopped, this lady has mad skills for getting six cats to sit still for a picture. Props!  


crazy cat lady gifts meowingtons cat lovers


I ... Is this even legal?


cat apparel crazy cat lady cat lover gifts 


When you want your cat to remember ... Remember who you are. 



Okay, I don't really have a joke for this one. 


family photo fails


How to make a statement in your senior yearbook photo:

1. Add cat.

2. Really Cool Lasers.


cat meme funny funny senior picture yearbook picture


It turns out pet family portraits were popular way before the Internet or even photography. #vintage #stillcreepytho


vintage art history historic meme



 Saving the best for last ...



glamour shots cat portrait cat yearbook



cat earrings cat diamond cat suit cat sunglasses cat eye glasses




  • Jess

    So good. I need to do this now as a cat lover at 45 yrs old. Put it about the mantel. Annie Onymouse must get made fun of a lot. Maybe more so for being so uptight than a cat lover 😁😆😆

  • Annie Onymouse

    These are certainly weird. But please don’t make people who love their cats more of a target then they already are.

    And, re-think the use of the word vacuous in describing cats’ eyes. Unless you want to infer that cat eyes are " having or showing a lack of thought or intelligence; mindless." Synonyms: silly, inane, unintelligent, insipid, foolish, stupid, fatuous, idiotic, brainless, witless, vacant, empty-headed. You should KNOW that is so untrue.

  • jmuhj


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