Girl Creates 'Wall of Sorrow' to Guilt-Trip Dad Into Adopting a Cat


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In a masterful display of emotional manipulation and determination only a 13-year-old cat lover could muster, one girl pulled out all the stops to convince her father to adopt a cat. Thirteen-year-old Peyton created a "Wall of Sorrow," carefully crafted with guilt-trips galore, complete with photos of caged, tearful cats begging to be rescued.

You can almost hear Sarah McLachlan's Arms of the Angels playing on loop in the background. 



Peyton, 13, had been wanting a new cat for a while: two years ago, the family's cat of 19 years passed away, leaving Peyton without the cat she had essentially grown up with. 

"My sister has been begging my dad to get another cat. Her birthday was December 9th, and her wish was to get a new cat so she decided to make a 'wall of sorrow' which took her about an hour to do," ," Danielle Grubisic, Peyton's older sister, told Love Meow.


Peyton pulled out all the stops and clearly didn't pull any punches. 


"[You're] killing innocent lives!" Peyton wrote on one page, adding: "[You're] letting them die alone in a tiny box doing nothing but crying." (Cue Arms of the Angel intro.)   



To prove that she knew that a cat is not a toy, but a responsibility, she even included a letter detailing the steps of cleaning the litter and set up a litter-change schedule. 


Parents are no strangers kids begging for pets. But it seems that Peyton's Wall of Sorrow had the intended effect! 

Here's two-year-old Mittens chilling on her dad's lap. 


Peyton and her father went to a local animal shelter, where they found Mittens, who had reportedly been in the shelter for a while. 

This hard-won shelter kitty loves her new home, and Peyton is reportedly as happy as she can be with her new cat.  "She loves her cat and they've been cuddling together since we got her," Danielle said. 



All photos via Danielle Grubisic



  • Robin Scott

    Thank you for this delightful story. My husband and I currently have 14 cats who have either adopted us or were born here. We have one feral breeding female we have not been able to live trap to spay who has blessed us with spring litters for the past three years. We have a killing shelter in our county so we have chosen to care for them ourselves. Each one is special in their own unique way and you will never know love until you gain the love and trust of a cat. So go to a shelter today. You could save a life and gain a friend for life as well. Just make sure you have a stable home first.

  • Linda J Collard

    This is the kind of story I like to read, one with a great, happy ending! I applaud this young lady for wanting to save the life of a shelter cat. Most people want the youngest, the kittens. My choice would always be for an older cat myself, kittens can sometimes get too rambunctious and ruin things. They’re cute when they play together, but not in the middle of the night! Mittens is a beautiful cat too, so glad she got saved by some great people, and Happy Fathers’ Day to your dad, Peyton!

  • Faith

    This is exactly what I am going to do to my husband when it is time for another cat – lol! :-)

  • Leslie

    Love it!! I’ve heard it takes a real man to admit he loves a cat!! (-;

  • Sabrina Salazar

    Love this girl and love this story. Dad should be so, so proud of her saving lives!

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