Gift Ideas For Cat Lovers For Under $10

Are you in need of the PURRfect gift for the cat lover in your life? Or maybe you're just in a "Treat Yo Self" mood, straight out of Parks and Rec. Either way, we've got you covered! Here are some feline-inspired gifts that are sure to please any cat lover. And the best part? They're all under $10! 


Sterling Silver Spiral Cat Ring - $7.00 

The simply sweet charm of the Spiral Cat Ring, with its adorable ears and delicately curled tail, will add a bit of purr-sonality and flair to any ensemble, casual or couture.




Vintage Bengal Cat Ears Ring - $4.90

This purrfect paw accessory will certainly set the cat amongst the pigeons!



Clowder Cat Scarf – Beige, Black or Pink - $6.95

We promise that this soft, airy, and feminine accessory will have you purring like a cat every time you grab it on your way out!

 clowder cat scarf pink


Gold Crown Cat Ring - $6.95 

Wrapped in his coat of 18k gold, this little fellow is as bright as a button.



Squishy Cat Accessory – Grey or Calico - $3.80 

Life is stressful; understatement of the year, right? But never fear, Squishy Cat is here! 



Lucky Cat Ears Ring – Silver or Gold - $9.95

This paw-some ring available in silver and gold is a treat for any kitty crazy jewelry lover.

 lucky cat ears ring


Sassy Cat Ear Cuff - $6.95

This Sassy Cat Ear Cuff will add that little bit of elegant feline edge we all want to our wardrobe.



LED Floral Cat Ears Headband $5.95

Light up any room you walk into with this light-up LED Floral Cat Ears Headband! 



Meowingtons Cat Pin - $7.00

If you’re a Meowingtons fan or just love a cute pin, the Meowingtons Cat Pin is the purrfect fit for you!



Sphynx Cat Ring White Gold w/Black Eyes or Gold with Purple Eyes - $7.95

This lovable, bright-eyed kitteh needs your luvs – make space in your heart for your 'forever and always' Sphynx Cat Ring.



Milton the Cat Pin - $7.00

Each Milton The Cat Pin comes with a traditional butterfly clutch and is pinned to an illustrated card, making it gift-ready.

cat enamel pin 

Princess Unicorn Cat Headband - $5.95

Each cat headband is handmade with lots of love and care (and plenty of sparkles).



Kitty Hippie Sunglasses – Blue or Black - $5.95

Whether you’re looking to protect your cat’s eyes while they bask in the sun or capture the coolest photo of your cat you’ll ever get, these Kitty Hippie Sunglasses are the purrfect choice. 


Winking Cat Liner Socks $9.00

It's time to put away those plain, boring socks and pick up a pair for yourself or a cat-loving BFF.



Nigiri Sushi Cat Pin $7.00

For lovers of all things kitty and kawaii, the Nigiri Sushi Cat Pin is the best of both worlds!


Floral Garden Cat Headband - $5.95

This floral bouquet of feline flower power makes the purr-fect cat statement piece for parties, festivals, and even bachelorette or bridal parties!



Midnight Craze Cat Toy - $5.00

Your schedule includes long days at the office followed by well-needed rest at night – while your kitty likes to paw you and sit on your face when you are just trying to get some sleep. That is why we bring you the Midnight Craze Cat Toy that includes two balls with little bells in them to keep your little rascals busy so you can get some ZZZ


Interactive Cat Laser Toy - $9.95

The cat laser is a fun way to get involved in your kitties play.


Crowded Cats Phone Case - $5.90

Made with high-quality TPU material for flexibility and damage protection, the Cool Cat Phone Case provides protection from bumps and falls without adding extra weight and bulk.



Polka Dot Bow Tie Collar – Blue or White $8.90

Not only is this a fashionable collar option, but it is also practical as it comes equipped with a silver bell and a simple and secure clasp.


Meow Necklace – Silver $7.95

You will never be at a loss for words with this sterling silver plated "meow" statement necklace on its 30" chain.  You'll look fresh off the catwalk with this feline fashion fix, which oozes catittude.


Milton’s Cat Butt Dad Hat - $8.90

Introducing the Milton’s Cat Butt Dad Hat, ‘cause dad hats aren’t just for dads anymore! 



Catifornia Roll Sushi Cat Pin - $7.00

For the lover of all things cat and kawaii, the Catifornia Roll Sushi Cat Pin is the best of both worlds!


Meow Cat Ring - $9.95

Written in a flowing, cursive script, each Meow is a testament to your love for our feline friends. Dipped in yellow gold, the Meow Cat Ring is as trendy as it is versatile, serving as a standalone ring or the purr-fect stackable cat ring!


Milton’s Premium Catnip - $6.95

All-natural, pesticide-free, and harvested at the height of its flavor, color and potency, Milton's Premium Catnip is paw-selected for only the best buds - no seeds and stems in this catnip shaker! 


Dangling Cat Pendant Necklace - $7.95

This cat necklace, featuring a playful white gold-plated kitty, gives you the chance to take your kitty with you everywhere you go. This simple, elegant design is the perfect piece of kitty-cat jewelry to wear with any outfit.


Shit Together Phone Case - $5.90

This iconic cat phone case will tell the world that this shit is going to get got, one way or the other. Yeah, you may not be purr-fect, but at least you’re trying to get your shit together! 



Refillable Peppurroni Pizza Catnip Toy - $9.00

This Peppurroni Pizza Catnip Toy is a fun, tasty way to spice up your cat's playtime routine. Each slice is handmade and stuffed with Colorado-grown catnip for the freshest, tastiest slice of pizza your cat's ever bitten into.




Black Cat Pattern Socks - $9.00

We don't know about you, but this catastic pattern makes us purr. So grab yourself a pair of these stretchy one-size-fits-all pair of socks, we pawmise you and your kitties will love them!



Cat Lady Tattoo Catyhose - $3.50

Our Cat Lady Tattoo Catyhose promises the thrill of having a tattoo without risk of "tattooers remorse" and combines sleek, chic kitty-cat cuteness with a bit of boldness. Slip on these Cat Lady Tattoo Catyhose and show off your feline fascination while being subtle enough to wear with any outfit. 



Save the Earth Cat Tote Bag - $7.95

We’re always in need of a good tote bag – whether it’s to avoid using plastic bags at the grocery store or to stash your knitting goodies, a good canvas tote bag is essential in any closet – especially if it has a cat on it. 


Squishy Cat Paw Accessory – White or Grey - $4.00

Squish your stress away with the Squishy Cat Paw Accessory! This squishy stress reliever is shaped like a cat’s paw, complete with four pink cat toe beans and paw pad.



CATSA Space Pin - $7.00

Houston, there’s no problem! This adorable CATSA Space Cat Pin has us feline fine. And if you’re looking to express your love for cats, space, and great puns in one pin, look no further! 



Dainty Cat Ring - $9.95

This Dainty Cat Ring is elegant, charming, and simply sublime – plus, it looks like a cat! It’s everything you could want in a ring. Sweet and subtle in its cat-like charm, this gold-plated cat ring will add a bit of purr-sonality to your everyday look. 



Starlight Cat Fairy Lights - $9.95

There are few things as beautiful as a starlit night; except maybe a night lit up by Starlight Cat Lights. It's true - cats do make everything better, and these Starlight Cat String Lights are no exception. These fantastical feline fairy lights feature 10 bright LEDs covered with adorable whiskered faces just waiting to brighten up your night. 



Crystal Cat Paw Print Ring - $9.90

It's hard to find an accessory that can shine as bright as your cat: but the Crystal Paw Print Ring comes pretty close. When you slip on this charming little crystal cat charm ring, you'll feel a special connection to that special someone in your life - yep, we're talking about your cat.



Cat Face Mug - $8.90

Start your day off on the right paw with a sip from our Cat Face Mug, the cutest glass cat coffee mug from Meowingtons. You'll be as happy as a cat in a cardboard box! 


Milton’s Pinot Meow Cat Wine - $8.95

NEW FORMULA! Fill up your kitty's cup with a bit of fine catnip-infused cat wine! Pinot Meow Cat Wine is non-alcoholic and made only with organic ingredients.



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