People Share The Weird Things Their Cats Do, And It's Pretty Great July 15 2020, 1 Comment

Cats are wonderful, mysterious creatures. But sometimes, they're just plain WEIRD! Some cats yowl in the middle of the night. Others give weird nibbles to show signs of affection or bring us gross gifts in the form of tiny, dead animals.  As caretakers and companions to these fluffy enigmas, us humans are often left scratching our heads wondering, “why do cats do that?” But it's not our place to question the inner workings of our favorite felines. It's our place to sit back and, frankly, enjoy it because more often than not? Our cats are entertaining as heck! 


1. This cat, who's clearly a fan of hide-and-seek.


2. And this cat, who just wants to buy himself some catnip:


3. And this diva: 


4. And this cat, who is clearly working for the NSA:


5. And these twins, who spelled out 'REDRUM' in cat treats:


6. And this guy, who craves that fresh shower sip:

7. Or this guy, who hates alarms almost as much as we humans do:


8. This helpful kitty:


9. This free spirit: 


10. And this kitty, who brings their owner flowers: 



11. This attention-seeker:

12. This sweet li'l angel:

13. This mafioso:

14. This Real-Life Garfield

15. This melodramatic clinic kitty:



What are some weird things your cat has done? Tell us in the comments below!