Family Throws a for Quinceañera Their 15-year-old Cat


One family decided to honor their cat's 15th birthday in style, and put together a purr-fectly glamorous cat quinceañera.

Meet Luna, the belle of the ball! 



“She’s not just an ordinary cat, she’s a member of our family,” says Brigitte Olavarria, one of Luna's owners.


The Olavarria family found the birthday girl on the side of the road when she was just 3 weeks old; they took her in, and she has been part of their family ever since. 



“We wanted to celebrate her long life properly,” Angel Olavarria said. “She is definitely a princess at heart, so we knew your standard birthday celebration wouldn’t suffice.”


Luna came out dressed to her nine lives in a frilly pink dress and tiara befitting a queen. 



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The 3-hour quince was attended by 12 of Luna’s closest human companions. 

Wow. This cat has more friends than I do ... Anyway. Reality checks aside, partygoers of the human variety celebrated Luna's big day with a traditional tres leches cake, while the birthday cat snarfed down a can of tuna. 



“Luna seemed to really enjoy it,” Brigitte told HuffPost. “She was such a good sport during the whole celebration. I think she was happy to see our family together. But, her eyes really lit up when we opened that can of tuna. She loses her mind over tuna.”

Rumor has it that there's already a 16th birthday celebration in the works for Luna.

“We are thinking about throwing her a sweet 16,” Brigitte said. “Every additional year we get with our precious Luna deserves to be celebrated!”



15 and thriving!!! 😽😺 #Luna #MsCheeseball #LunaCat #Quinceaneracat 🌙

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  • Ritzy olavaral

    Luna the quiceañera cat turned 16 and the party epic

  • annamarie

    This is an awesome story!!! I give my cat a birthday party every year and all my family comes. They are part of the
    family and should be treated that way. Love this story!!! Happy Birthday Luna!!!!!

  • annamaria peterfia

    god bless those ppl

  • pauline mclean

    My silver point Siamese is 20 this year. A party for sure.

  • Susan

    Oh how cute! I wish I had done a sweet 16 for my kitty’s 16th birthday! She will be 17 on August 9th.

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