Cyclist Picks Up the Most Adorable Hitchhiker

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Brazilian cyclist Viitor Fonseca picked up the most adorable hitchhiker while out for a ride. Now, it's not the '70s anymore and everyone always warns against picking up hitchhikers. But I think anyone with a heart would make an exception for the little ball of fluff that Fonseca found wandering on the side of the road. 


cyclist kitten biker kitten 

The furry little wanderer was in obvious need of help, especially so close to the road, so Fonseca did what any true Good Samaritan would do: he scooped up that kitten, stuffed it in his shirt and biked on his way.

All right, so shoving a kitten in your shirt isn't the conventional rescue scenario. But the little kitten doesn't seem to mind too much! She even had a few things to say to thank Fonseca.


Fonseca told The Dodo that he was able to find the kitten a nearby home. Hopefully, he'll be able to visit his newfound fluffy friend! 



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  • Sandra Gefre

    lucky kitten!!!

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