15 Photos Of Tiny Pocket Kittens (In Case of Emergency)


It's dangerous to go alone! Take one of these pocket kittens with you in case of a cuddle emergency. These impossibly tiny and impossibly adorable kittens are hangin' out in pockets and just waiting to make you smile  - and maybe brighten your day. After all, if there's one guar-an-teed way to make someone smile ... it's kittens! 


1. I got a pocket, got a pocket full of kittens! 

Via Reddit


2. Always take one in case of emergencies.

Via Reddit

 3. This tiny, air-kneading bébé:


4. "Meow you see me, meow you don't!"


5. This adventurous kitten in Kyrgyzstan (whose owner is camped safely nearby!)

Via off_the_atlas, Instagram



6. Every self-care routine needs a pocket kitten!




7. Wear your heart on your sleeve? No, wear your kitten on your sleeve!





8. This tiny camo kitty: 




9. This itty bitty and very sleepy kitty:




10. This minuscule mustachioed meow:




11. This adorable POCKET PUFF:





12. This purrfectly tiny pocket protector:





13. This hoodie hangout:

from Cat GIFs via Gfycat



14. This teensy-weensy snoozer:



15. And last but certainly not least, this adorable overall explorer:

via Gfycat






  • grant

    so cuuuute

  • IBIS

    i juts love those babyes, there are miniature cats?

  • Janet Ginepro


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