Cat Moms Cuddling Their Adorable Mini-Me Kittens May 12 2018, 2 Comments

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, cats or no! Today is the perfect day to stop and appreciate all the amazing things that mothers have done for us and do for us each and every day! We hope you all have a purr-fect Mother’s Day. And for all you cat-loving mommas out there, start your special day off with a smile – with these adorable kittens and their kitty moms!

This Mother's day, remember that moms need kisses, too. 

And lots of cuddles! 

And a little break every now and again. 

They put up with a lot, after all! 

They're great teachers.


Okay. Yawns may be contagious, but cuteness is genetic! Thanks, ma!  


"Here, I'll show you how to sleep in an uncomfortable position - it confuses the humans!"


Moms are the best guardian angels. Like this mother hen, who was found protecting and comforting kittens in a rainstorm. 

They'll make sure you keep your paws warm, even if it means covering them with her own fluff ... 

Moms will stand by their kids, no matter what! "Don't talk to me or my son or my son's son or my son's son's son."

"Don't mess with my mini me." 

They're proud to be moms. "Look! I made this!"


"Look at these li'l fluff nuggets we made." 



The next time mom asks you to pose for a family picture, just do it! 

And don't get embarrassed when she tries to wipe the shmutz off your face. 

 Happy Mother's Day from Meowingtons!