Common Human Habits Your Cat Is Annoyed By


Have you ever heard the term 'pet peeve' ? I am sure you have one or two. I bet you have never thought of your cat having one!! 

They finally drift into a deep sleep in the window, when you come home. You are innocently thinking they are equally as happy to see you, and in some cases they are! But for the must part, even if they are happy to see you they would prefer to stay where they are. They would rather you NOT to scoop them up and squeeze them to death...I am guilty of this as well. 

Here are some things your cat doesn't enjoy as much as you do. Now it is important to remember the reason we love cats so much is that they are so independent ! So maybe we should start respecting their nature a little more ! 

1. Hogging The Computer.

meowingtons blog

This a a big one! No matter how important those emails are, nothing is as annoying as someone coming up and pushing you off the warm strange 'laptop' thing! We love being in your way, please leave us alone. 

2. Attempting Unwanted Physical Contact.


This we are ALL guilty of, and although cats do enjoy affection. They just want it on their own terms. 

3. Putting Bread On Their Faces. 

meowingtons bread cat

For the love of god! You wouldn't like this either!

4. Your Terrible Grooming Habits.

Cats are very clean creatures. Compared to your cat, a creature that takes many tiny baths a day, your own personal hygiene is pitiful.

5. Not playing with them enough.

Cats need to be stimulated! They are natural hunters. If you have an indoor cat make sure you have things they can chase and hunt. Play with them at least 15-10 mins a day! This will help them sleep at night, which means it will allow you to sleep!! Win-Win! 



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  • Vendetta

    John for the God shut up

  • Kathy Glaser

    My cat Annie just loves being rubbed under the chin. If I hold out her brush, she’ll rub her own chin over it.

  • jeanne

    I do not love clams. Cats are another matter.
    My cats do not like it if I sneeze or cough when we are cuddling. Are they afraid of getting sick? Afraid of predators pinpointing our location? Or do they just hate the noise?

  • Neil

    I myself am not overly fond of clams, or indeed cats, however the internet is winning me over with its constant cat propaganda. I find myself wanting to hug and annoy a cat.

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