Classic Album Covers Purrfectly Recreated with Cats


If you ask a cat person if everything is made better by cats, the answer will likely be a firm and resounding "YES." And there’s no doubt that the Internet loves cats.And with Internet figures like the infamous Keyboard Cat and his musical talents, it was only a matter of time before cats invaded the music world. And with the help of artist Alfra Martini, they did just that: recreating classic album covers, spanning various music genres, in all their feline glory. Whether or not the catified versions of these famous albums covers are made better by said cats is up to the individual, but we vote yes.

Featured on Martini’s tumblr, Kitten Covers, these entertaining feline parody pieces are more than just about going “viral.” The artist also works to bring awareness to animal welfare programs by providing links to key support groups like the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the Humane Society of the United States and others.


Meowy Catmas from Bing Catsby!




"Meowerhead - The Ace of Spayeds." 

Kitty Joel.


"Major Tomcat to Ground Control - David Meowie"



"Purr Division - Unknown Whiskers"

"Kitten Floyd - The Dark Side of the Meow"


Here’s Kittie Richard!

Elvis Purresley!


You must lick it.


Pawloose, starring Kitten Bacon




The Artist Formerly Known as Purrince




"Slave to the Kittens - Grace Jones"


"Hangin' in There (On the Telephone) - Blondie"


"Furrever Changes - LOVE"



  • Lena

    Lorna Anton – pun of the year!

  • Lorna Anton

    But where is Tabby Road?

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