Celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day With These Iconic Black Cats

black cat appreciation day
If you're superstitious or even just a little stitious, you probably know by now that black cats are a bit like Taylor Swift: they've got a reputation. And unfortunately for black cats, that reputation often precedes them - as undeserved as it may be. As the old saying goes, "It's bad luck if a black cat crosses your path!" 

But black cats are also pretty iconic if you didn't know it already. They appear in tv shows, films, and make for some of the best historic photographs. We thought Black Cat Appreciation Day was the purrfect day to debut this list of iconic black cats, whether animated or real-life, to show that black cats aren't as in the shadows as everyone thinks! 

Salem Saberhagen

While the burgeoning teen witch, Sabrina, was the lead character on Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Salem was pretty much the star of the show (if you ask us.) Salem Saberhagen is Sabrina's snarky BFF that also happens to be a black cat. Even though Salem's technically a male witch trapped in a cat's body, he is paws down the king of catitude. He's full of sass, sage advice dating back to the 1500s, and plenty of snark. 



Thackery Binx

For kids that grew up on the '90s, it just wouldn't be Halloween without watching Hocus Pocus! If you've ever come across a black cat named Binx, it's likely you can trace that name back to this movie. Binx is another "person trapped in a cat's body," and like Salem he is full of wisecracks and snarky jokes. But he's also full of heart and helps save the day - er, night.


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The 90s really couldn't get enough of their magical teen girls, could they? Luna is the ally and mentor of Sailor Moon (or Usagi, depending on which translated version you watch). It turns out that black cats make the purr-fect sidekicks for magical teen girls. Who knew?




Jiji is another onyx-furred familiar, this time more feline than human! Starring in Kiki's Delivery Service, Jiji is the feline companion to Kiki, another young magical girl on her way to becoming a full-fledged witch. 



Appearing the original Star Trek, Isis was technically a feline shapeshifter that accompanied a man named Seven on a secret mission. Though apparently Seven's pet cat, Isis was more: she communicated with him through telepathy, and understood his spoken words. She accompanied him wherever he went and watched out for him. We're just here for the GIFs of Spock holding a cat. 


Of course, there are real-life black cats that have made hiss-tory.

Henry Behrens and his Black Cat

While we don't know the name of the cat in this iconic photograph, it features a delightful scene of "The World's Smallest Man", Henry Behrens, dancing with his inky feline friend circa 1895.




According to Guinness World Records, the world’s wealthiest cat ever was Blackie, who inherited an estate worth $13 million when his owner, a British antiques dealer named Ben Rea, died in 1988.




While there's some debate as to whether Tuxedo cats qualify as black cats or not, we've decided to include Simon on this list! Simon is the only cat to receive a Dickin Medal, a medallion awarded to the work of animals in wartime. Simon was the ship's cat about the HMS Amethyst, for his heroism in the line of duty and the disposal of many ship rats despite injury.


And we can't forget about our Instagram favorites!

Willow the Squishy Cat

Willow is a talented kitty of many faces! She's most known for her Instagram appearance as an Avocado Kitty!  

A post shared by Willow (@willowthesquishycat) on



Princess Monster Truck

You can't think of famous Instagram kities and not include the beautiful Princess Monster Truck.


Mamba, The Vampire Cat

That's NosferPAWtu, thank you! Mamba is a long-fanged kitty known for his punny sense of humor and his vampiric fangs. 


Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day! 

What do you think? Did we miss any iconic black cats? Let us know in the comments! 

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  • Avylon Boehme

    I have a black cat of my own and she is very funny!

  • Fran

    You missed poor steve cashs talking kitty sylvester!

  • Tabitha Kan


  • Nick

    What about Mingusthepanther on Instagram! He’s a beautiful gentleman catula!

  • Frank Sterle Jr

    In keeping with the all-too-fleeting Black Cat Appreciation Day (August 17) ….

    THAT BLACK CAT SHE INVADED HIS DREAMS … She laid by his bared feet / at the foot of his bed / though in his dream they’d meet / which they did in his head. // For this sleek black feline / she’d been in there before / such she’d never decline / as that cat he’d adore. // A myth it couldn’t be / that her claws touched his toes / as the dreaming did he / was about that she knows. // The dream she boldly caught / that night she did invade / was the dream she had sought / the dream she’d long delayed. // Within she placed her claws / upon his sleep-bound feet / all performed with no flaws / then and there they did meet. // Though not feeling abused / by prickling on his toes / he still looked down confused / at each of five toes, two rows. // Naught of her did he find / in his dream created / though back to wakened mind / he saw her and stated // ‘Mimi, it’s you—you rascal!’ / yet he still adored her / while finding comical / her response a smooth ‘murr’. // From the thick mattress down / she landed without woes / as he said ‘You little clown— / you leave alone my toes.’ // Thought she, ‘Again we’ll meet / as you dream fast asleep / when the toes on your feet / from my paws you cannot keep.’

    Ode To SIMON’s DRINKING PROBLEM … It’s clear dear cat you’ve had a water drink / For it hangs thick and low from your thin chin / As a large drop through which light rays glisten / Then a flicker of your tongue’s tip quite pink / Comes with a sway of your tail, its kink / So noticed like that water drop again / (And you without a little silk napkin) / Your habit’s one endearingly distinct. // Plus your drinking problem leaves us no stink / Like old food stuff or hard liquor like gin / And into a bad thing you didn’t sink / You’ve committed naught resembling a sin / Habits can still be dropped in an eye’s blink / While having you near’s my mind’s medicine.

    THAT YOUNG BLACK CAT—SHE NEEDED SOMETHING … ‘If only I had something new,’ / she thought, ‘something adventurous / to do, like when the fields grew tall, fields from which wild fowl fed and flew’; / she, feline feisty and precious, / needed something or to climb the wall. // She walked over to the window pane / and looked out to the neighbouring homes /
    to where she hoped to find something / —something new, beyond the back lane, / rocky road, where she’d often roam, / to where her eyes would be wandering. // And when her attention was caught / by the towering shingled roof / sheltering the large corner store, / she at once decided she ought / to climb to its black peak as proof / of her worth to those who did her adore. // Through the yards one by one she went, / glancing around this and that corner, / over then under fences tall / till she stood at the wall she’d meant / to conquer, as a foreigner, / without any fear that she’d fall. // She looked to the two garbage cans / leaning against the wooden shed, / right next to the store that was so pink; / up she jumped, her feet and hands / reached the top by but a thread, / of no better place could she think. // Having achieved her noteworthy climb, / she gazed over to the swaying trees, / unaware that her hostess stood near; / at the bus stop, as passed the time, / the woman looked up, into the breeze, / and saw her pet feline who knew no fear. // Thus the feline had done something new / and not seeing her hostess’s stare, / she returned home fulfilled and content, / for from this day excitement she drew / and she thought again she’d climb and dare / those high places worthy of her scent.

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