CATZILLAS: Godzilla Meets Cats in These Fun Mashups June 01 2018, 1 Comment

If there is one thing monster movies these days are missing, it's cats. Seriously, there is nothing that cats can't make better! Have you ever stopped to think what Godzilla would look like as a cat? We have. It keeps us up at night. 

Well, we can finally get some sleep thanks to Indonesian artist, Fransdita Muafidin, and his monstrous creations. The artist creates photo mashups of cats in urban landscapes - except these cats are giant and they're terrorizing said urban landscapes. 

It only makes sense, after all, that a 50-foot-tall kitten would knock stuff over - it's what cats do! It just so happens that the "stuff" they're knocking over is, like, a building. They're so cute though! 

Check out the fun feline mashups below!