12 Cats Who Think They're Masters of Stealth


These cats are convinced they are the masters of Things Unseen. They think they're ninjas, here one second and gone the next - disappearing without a trace. I mean, cats are some of the world's most efficient hunters, with a 70% success rate when hunting in open turf. Cats definitely know how to go full-on Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator, right? You'd think. But these cats haven't quite gotten the concept of staying "out of sight." 

1. At the vet: "If I can't see them, they can't see me."

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2. "Day 2 Undercover - They still don't suspect a thing."


3. "This tiny hole is the perfect hiding spot. I'm practically invisible."

 4. "I am One with the Curtain. I AM the Curtain."

5. "Out of sight, out of mind!"


6. "I am Darkness. I am shadow. I am the night."


7. "I can feel a slight draft on my paws. I'm sure it's fine."


8. "Nothing suspicious here, sir. Keep moving."


9. "I'm invisible." 


10. "My stripes match the wood grain, right? CAMOUFLAGE!"


11. "This very inconspicuously labeled box is the perfect place to hide."



12. "Man I'm so great at hiding. They're looking right at me and they don't even see me!"



  • Liz Crouse

    My cat used to do the same thing with the shower curtain, it’s a sheer curtain, and she would put her face behind it thinking she was hiding while her little body was sticking out. Silly things. She’s full grown now and must have realized she wasn’t actually hidden so she doesn’t do that anymore.

  • Elizabeth J Wilkins

    My cats tried to get back into carrier until I learned to close its door. Once they got in, they braced himself to not come back out!

  • jmuhj

    Uh…you promised us a series of photos of cats. I see no cats in these pix. Bring on the cats, please.

  • Jean Jenn

    One of my cats used to hide her face at the vet’s….clearly it made her invisible.

    Most of my cats at the vet simply try to get back into the cat carrier (which they normally HATE!)

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