Cats Who Definitely Don't Want To Destroy Your Tree


The holidays are chock full of traditions, from decking the halls to eating figgy pudding (does anyone eat figgy pudding anymore? Does anyone even know what figgy pudding is?) These fun, festive traditions are fairly universal for those who celebrate Christmas. But one tradition that is pretty much exclusive to pet owners is the traditional Battle of the Christmas Tree.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this holiday tradition, it comes from the most curious of household pets: our furry feline friends. Notorious for their “Grinchy” ways, these cats definitely don’t want to destroy your purrfectly decorated tree ... that also happens to be the ultimate cat playground. Your shiny, breakable toys are completely safe. Don’t worry about it :)


"What? Who? Me? I'm just checking the structural integrity of this thing!" 


And this fella, who doesn't appreciate what you're insinuating. Winston would never!!





"Making sure these baubles still bob, you know!"


"I'm helping with your 'White Christmas' aesthetic, Barb. You can thank me later." 


"I'm just making sure there're no chipmunks in here. I'm not the one who brought in a wild tree from outside." 





The cats are just here to help. They definitely don't have any nefarious ulterior motives in mind. 


Or this artistic cat who is just so inspired by the whole holiday thing. 



And this little fella, who just wants to see what Christmas really tastes like.    

*Please don't let your cat chew on Christmas lights.*

It tastes like tree. (Or a plastic tree.)


This ferocious little feline just wants to see what it feels like to be the biggest one around for once. (He definitely doesn't get a power rush from destroying a whole town. Nope.)




Okay, this face is just TOO adorable to accuse of a heinous holiday crime. 



And this cat just wants to be the Star. Let her shine, Deborah! 


This innocent bystander definitely didn't knock the tree down. It was the craziest thing, Stan, it just fell on him, out of nowhere! 


Okay. These guys might want to take down the tree. Their motive is pretty clear.  



  • heather balliet

    lol sooo cute

  • Aaron Magliulo

    Reminds me so much of our cat. She loves our tree, a little too much though. My mom said we might have to get a new one for this coming Christmas lol

  • Wendy Sparkman

    My family had a cat-oriented Christmas tradition that started when our foundling cat had winter kittens – we decorated the lowest section of the tree with soft ornaments that the cats could play with and knock down without harm.

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