Cats Who Are Ready AF For Thanksgiving November 01 2019, 0 Comments

Sure, it's only the first week of November. But that's not stopping these very excited, very hungry kitties from preparing for the biggest feast of the year! 

"Hooman! I've found the perfect gravy boat. Do you think it's big enough?"

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"Just one more month of salads and I can have all the turkey and stuffing I want ..."

"You see a turkey? Where?"

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"If I don this turkey hat, it summons the turkey, correct? Human? Why are you laughing?"

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"Making it to Thanksgiving is all about positive thinking. And I'm positively thinking about pumpkin pie."

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"...And also pecan pie." 

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All kidding aside, Thanksgiving meals are full of food that is not healthy for cats! If you're looking for a way to include your kitty in the Thanksgiving feast without feeding them unhealthy table scraps, try a cat puree treat instead for a fun holiday treat! Your cat will thank you!

"What do you mean it's only November 2nd? I got all dressed up for nothing."

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"I'm practicing for my annual post-turkey catnap. It's important to have purr-fect food coma form." 

"The hat is on. The hunger is real. So where's the turkey?"

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"O Turkey Tree, O Turkey Tree ... What? Are Thanksgiving carols not a thing?"

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