8 Signs Your Cat is Actually a Dog


Is your cat confused on whether it should do a bork or do a meow? They might just be a doggo. Look for these 8 signs to see if your cat is actually a dog trapped, Poltergeist-style, in a cat's body. 




1. Your cat is down to play fetch.




2. For treats, they enjoy a nice rawhide bone.




3. They really, really like sticks. And also have an unending supply of energy to fetch said sticks. 




4. They like to drive with the windows down so they can feel the wind in their fur. 





5. When you ask, "Are you ready for walkies?" Their reply is, "I was born ready for walkies, Karen.



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6. If your cat has abandoned this "If I fits, I sits" nonsense and only sleeps in a dog-sized bed, they might actually be a dog. 



Or, you know, your cat is just a jerk. But maybe (probably) also a dog. 





7. They do that gross thing that dogs do on generic family comedy shows.





8. They literally dress up as a dog. 




Does your cat do weird things that dogs normally do? Let us know! 


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  • Jon Shawn

    My cat actually got attacked by a small dog and he beat it up! I was surprised to say the least. the owner pressed charges of course, but now Ben is a professional dog fighter and has beat up 18 pit bulls and counting. he has also fought a crow before and brought it to my front door. But i cant own a dog because of him killing it! He killed my past dog. Im still mourning his death. But Ben has been giving me so much money, even if its a bit illegal.

  • Nicole colletti

    I have a cat that is TOTALLY a dog in a cats body.. everything about him screams I’m a dog! He waits at the front door with my dog they sit side by side wagging their tails in sync everytime I come home both jumping up on me one on each side.. he gets crazy when he has toys in his mouth he growls at the other cats if they come near him when he has a toy..like my dog does..he begs for food with my dog anytime I cook.. he consult wags his tail like a dog..he plays fetch with himself and throws the toy back and forth just like my dog.. I can’t think of anymore off the top of my head..

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