10 Cats That Plumb Forgot To Put Their Tongues Away


Happy #TongueOutTuesday! From the ends of their tails to the tips off their boop-able little noses,  cats are flat out ADORABLE. We know this to be completely unbiased and undisputed FACT (if you ask any cat lover). But there is one rare phenomenon that is pretty much the cutest thing our cats do: The Blep. If you've seen it, you're lucky, one could even say blessed...by The Blep. 

Here are 10 of the cutest kitty bleps we could find. 

1. The fabled DOUBLE BLEP.

double blep foster kittensVia Reddit


2. This sudden, happy blep.


Sudden happy blep from r/Blep


3. This "Just Rescued" Blep

Via Reddit 


4. This "good morning" blep.

Via Reddit


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5. This surprise Blep.


Blep from r/Blep



6. This BLEP with a side of toe beans.

Via Reddit


7. This minor existential crisis.

Via Reddit


8. A tiny "birfday" blep.

Via Reddit


9. This S T E A L T H Mode.

Via Reddit


10. And last (but certainly not least), this Mustachioed Blep.

Via Reddit


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  • Henry

    My cat does bleps all the time. Gotta love it.

  • Lorraine

    Love the bleps

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