15 Helpful Cats That Are Making Self-Isolation A Lot More Bearable

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Are you staying safe at home to help stop the spread of Covid19? It's tough, being cooped up at home, especially when it comes to staying productive when you're working remotely. But these cats, as with most things in life, are here to make staying home more bearable - if not more entertaining

1. This tiny housework helper.



2. This sore loser:


3. This OTHER sore loser.



4. This "manager" who has something to say about the treat budget.


5. This cat, who guards the TP, and you must answer his riddles three:


6. This strange and beautiful friendship:


7. This kitten, who inspired some hand-embroidery with his insistence on social distance:



8.  And this obstacle course kitty:


9. This water-loving kitty, who makes bathtime tons of fun:


10. This dad practicing social distancing, but still getting in some playtime with the neighbor's cat: 



11. And this helpful co-worker: 



12. This babysitter, helping his little humans get some exercise:




13. This cozy kitty, who inspired a spot of poetry:



14. "Oh? Were you trying to do use this table?"



15. And this devoted kitty with her own prayer mat:


We hope you enjoyed this post - and we hope you all are staying safe and staying home if you can!!

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  • Catherine Gray

    Love the cat shows. Make me laugh.

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