16 Photos That Prove Cats Can Sleep Anytime, Anywhere


If there's one thing cats do well, it's sleep. They can sleep up to 16 hours a day, only waking to shift to stay in the sunbeams and maybe have a light post-nap snack before enjoying a post-snack nap. Cats are the champs of catching 40 winks, the Olympic gold medalists of hitting the hay. They've perfected the art of the cat nap, so much so that they can quite literally sleep anytime, anywhere and any which way. Here are 15 photos that prove just that! 


1. Sometimes cats revert to their liquid state when sleeping. 

Photo: Cakes1todough1


2. Others prefer to defy gravity. 


3. Some sleepy cats show off their "yoga" skills. 


4. No matter how big ...

5. Or small ... 



 6. They'll always find a place to curl up.


7. As long as it's warm. 


8. And as long as they can tuck in their little paws. 


9. And maybe seek out the highest spot in the house so they can keep an eye on things in between naps. 


10. Even when they seem in the deepest of dreams ... 

 11. Remember that some cats sleep with one eye open. 

 12. But they can sleep through it all, even if it rains cats and dogs.

 13. And you know the old adage, tried and true, "If I fits ..."

13. "I sits."

 15. "And if I sits. I naps." 


16. Even on the most painful surface known to man: LEGOS. 


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  • Jean Jenn

    JUST don’t let them get into your dryer.

    One of ours had to be euthanized after being accidentally shut in the dryer which was then turned on. The Vet says it happens a lot and
    is usually fatal.

  • Sandra Crider

    LMAO….Cats, you gotta love ’em….

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