Literally Just 16 Photos of Cats Sticking Out Their Little Tongues May 22 2019, 3 Comments

So, what constitutes a "blep"? Webster's Dictionary defines a "blep" as ... Well, okay. So it's not actually in the dictionary. But it should be. A blep is a wonderful phenomenon experienced by people who share their homes with cats. You see, it occurs when a cat sticks its tongue out, but just a teeny bit; a blep, if you will. Bleps come in all shapes, sizes, and expressions, but they're all equally magical. 

One blep.

Two blep.


Red blep.

Blue blep.


There are happy bleps.

Guilty bleps.

Angry bleps. 

Surprised bleps.

Hairless bleps.

Fantasy bleps.


There are even H O V E R bleps.  

And we can't forget about the BIG bleps. 

And the even BIGGER bleps!

Or the most festive of all bleps: Ugly Sweater Blep! 


Hopefully, you know what a blep is now.

Just remember: When in doubt, BLEP IT OUT. 


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